martes, 31 de agosto de 2010

This week on Interviú

Interviú is a Spanish magazine with ample views. They always like to see more.
I lllustrated one of the short stories by Lorenzo Silva. A dark piece of genre violence with a twist.
Since it was fiction they gave me a lot of freedom which is always nice. I created the opener spread and three spots.

Ilustraciones para la revista Interviú para el texto de Lorenzo Silva.
Un historia de ficción sobre la voilencia de género con un toque inesperado.
Me dejaron mucha libertad creativa y eso siempre se agradece. Realicé la imagen de apertura a doble página y tres spots.

jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

Loosen up but don't loose it

A few quick sketches pasted together. I had prepared another round of this but the light went off and some company owes me $20,000 for the crappy collage I could not save. Too bad the extra power supply did not work but I am glad it failed on me doing this instead of actually working on a big work in progress file. Yes, the kind of files that make your computer hate you even if you got him extra ram for Christmas this year.

I had my old website with Netfirms and it used to work fine, it was built by the awesome Tom at but these days it just won't let me update no more without reseting the whole thing. So I called it quit and got a less confusing domain
The new site there is temporary while we work on a new version but it is easy to update and actually works, at least for me. So if you are so kind let me know if it does for you.
Thanks a lot.