jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

Jack is back

I just got my copy of the Spanish edition of Rolling Stone from this month.
It is great to see in print one of the portraits of what I just recently started doing just for fun.
Working as an illustrator is a joy because you get to do what you love everyday and get paid for it. But sometimes it becomes too much like a regular job if you don't allow yourself to play.
Some commissions have a wider range to play than others whether it is a matter of time constraints or heavy art direction. Whatever the case might be it is as easy as creating time for you to make playful pieces. So that is what I did when I started painting on the Ipad, I turn it on and let the fun start.
I have always loved traditional painting and portraits, but having to set up and clean for me becomes a burden when I just want a quick session of painting as a break from actual work. I don't find that problem working digitally and the advantage of the Ipad is I can be literally anywhere.
In combination with a good stylus you can work for hours without your finger falling off. I don't get commissions, but if you like painting on the Ipad, get a Sensu brush. You won't regret it.

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